Why Tennis Is an Excellent Sport For Kids

tennis for kidsThis brief read contains several reasons why we believe tennis is a safe and healthy sport, particularly for children.

Physical Development

The game of tennis involves a lot of running around, the use of the whole body and calls for quick movement. This is a great way to tire the little ones out, which leads to muscular strength development. This, coupled with cardiovascular system strengthening, you will be looking at nothing but a healthy and strong young one.

Low Equipment Requirements
Some sports like hockey or football require a lot of equipment to participate. That can really become expensive for parents, especially if they have several children. Tennis, on the other hand, really only requires a racket and some inexpensive tennis balls to play. Sure you can add additional equipment like specialty shoes or a good pickleball bag if you want, but compared to some sports it won’t break your budget if your kids compete.

No Contact

Contact and collision in sports has been seen to cause lifelong injuries. And while tennis does have a share of accidents as the ball will hit you at some point, it is certainly a favorable option for those who are looking for safe and healthy sports for their kids.

Mental Development

According to research by the University of Illinois, tennis is a sport that calls for tactical thinking and alertness, and it could potentially create new connections between the nerves located in the brain. As a result, this promotes a lifetime of continued development of the brain. Ideally, tennis is an excellent sport to master hand to eye coordination and excellent motor skills.

Immunity Booster

SInce tennis improves flexibility, balance, physical strength as well as fine motor skills, it leads to helping the young one master other things off the field. By staying healthy and fit, the kid will ideally have a stronger immune system that will help combat things like flu.

Expert Supervision

With coaches on hand during tennis lessons when teaching the beginners ideal form and technique, there is again, fewer chances of accidents and injuries. Of course, strains and shoelace trips may happen, but their likelihood is reduced with patience and practice.

Social Fun

We could dwell on the safety and health benefits of playing tennis, but we can all agree that when it comes to participating in any kind of sport, it should be fun and enjoyable. Tennis has been a social sport that results in enjoyment, with a robust rooted history in teamwork, good sportsmanship and comradeship among players. Ideally, the fresh air does not hurt.

And just like other sports that use paddles and nets – like pickleball or ping pong – tennis is a social sport. There are 2 and 4 player versions of the game, which make for enjoyable interpersonal communication while you play.

It is also played all over the globe, meaning that it is not too hard to find somewhere to play. If you relocate to another country, or your loved ones go to another city, you can walk into any club and have a social network as long as you can play the sport to a reasonable level.

Here is a cool YouTube video that talks about teaching tennis to young children:

This makes tennis an excellent sport not just for kids, but adults as well.